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Signature Description
void CBaseEntity::ConnectOutput(string, string) Adds an I/O connection that will call the named function when the specified output fires
void CBaseEntity::Destroy()
void CBaseEntity::DisconnectOutput(string, string) Removes a connected script function from an I/O event.
void CBaseEntity::EmitSound(string) Plays a sound from this entity.
Vector CBaseEntity::EyeAngles() Get eye pitch, yaw, roll as a vector
Vector CBaseEntity::EyeLocalAngles() Get eye local pitch, yaw, roll as a vector
Vector CBaseEntity::EyePosition() Get vector to eye position - absolute coords
handle CBaseEntity::FirstMoveChild()
Vector CBaseEntity::GetAngles() Get entity pitch, yaw, roll as a vector
Vector CBaseEntity::GetAngularVelocity() Get the local angular velocity - returns a vector of pitch,yaw,roll
Vector CBaseEntity::GetBoundingMaxs() Get a vector containing max bounds, centered on object
Vector CBaseEntity::GetBoundingMins() Get a vector containing min bounds, centered on object
Vector CBaseEntity::GetCenter() Get vector to center of object - absolute coords
string CBaseEntity::GetClassname()
Vector CBaseEntity::GetForwardVector() Get the forward vector of the entity
float CBaseEntity::GetFriction()
float CBaseEntity::GetGravity()
int CBaseEntity::GetHealth()
Vector CBaseEntity::GetLeftVector() Get the left vector of the entity
int CBaseEntity::GetMaxHealth()
handle CBaseEntity::GetModelKeyValues() Get a KeyValue class instance on this entity’s model
string CBaseEntity::GetModelName() Returns the name of the model
handle CBaseEntity::GetMoveParent() If in hierarchy, retrieves the entity’s parent
string CBaseEntity::GetName()
Vector CBaseEntity::GetOrigin()
handle CBaseEntity::GetOwner() Gets this entity’s owner
string CBaseEntity::GetPreTemplateName() Get the entity name stripped of template unique decoration
handle CBaseEntity::GetRootMoveParent() If in hierarchy, walks up the hierarchy to find the root parent
string CBaseEntity::GetScriptId() Retrieve the unique identifier used to refer to the entity within the scripting system
handle CBaseEntity::GetScriptScope() Retrieve the script-side data associated with an entity
float CBaseEntity::GetSoundDuration(string, string) Returns float duration of the sound. Takes soundname and optional actormodelname.
int CBaseEntity::GetTeam()
Vector CBaseEntity::GetUpVector() Get the up vector of the entity
Vector CBaseEntity::GetVelocity()
handle CBaseEntity::NextMovePeer()
void CBaseEntity::PrecacheModel(string)
void CBaseEntity::PrecacheScriptSound(string)
void CBaseEntity::PrecacheSoundScript(string) Precache a sound for later playing.
void CBaseEntity::SetAbsOrigin(Vector) SetAbsOrigin
void CBaseEntity::SetAngles(float, float, float) Set entity pitch, yaw, roll
void CBaseEntity::SetAngularVelocity(float, float, float) Set the local angular velocity - takes float pitch,yaw,roll velocities
void CBaseEntity::SetForwardVector(Vector) Set the orientation of the entity to have this forward vector
void CBaseEntity::SetFriction(float)
void CBaseEntity::SetGravity(float) Sets gravity on this entity. Only affects gravity along Z axis
void CBaseEntity::SetHealth(int)
void CBaseEntity::SetMaxHealth(int)
void CBaseEntity::SetModel(string)
void CBaseEntity::SetOrigin(Vector)
void CBaseEntity::SetOwner(handle) Sets this entity’s owner
void CBaseEntity::SetSize(Vector, Vector)
void CBaseEntity::SetTeam(int)
void CBaseEntity::SetVelocity(Vector)
void CBaseEntity::Spawn() Calls the entity’s Spawn function. This properly initializes the entity and allows it to begin simulating.
void CBaseEntity::StopSound(string) Stops a sound on this entity.
bool CBaseEntity::ValidateScriptScope() Ensure that an entity’s script scope has been created
int CBaseEntity::entindex()

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