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Signature Description
bool CGameTrace::DidHit() Returns true if the trace hit anything
bool CGameTrace::DidHitNonWorldEntity() Returns true if the trace hit non-world entity
bool CGameTrace::DidHitWorld() Returns true if trace hit world
int CGameTrace::GetContents() Returns the contents flags of the hit entity or surface
Vector CGameTrace::GetEndPos() Returns the end position of the trace
handle CGameTrace::GetEntity() Returns a handle to the entity this trace hit
int CGameTrace::GetEntityIndex() Returns the index of the entity hit, or -1 if it did not hit an entity
float CGameTrace::GetFraction() Time completed, 1.0 means no hit
Vector CGameTrace::GetImpactNormal() Returns the normal of the plane where the trace hit
Vector CGameTrace::GetStartPos() Returns the start position of the trace

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