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void CTakeDamageInfo::AddDamage(float) Adds to the damage.
void CTakeDamageInfo::AddDamageType(int) Adds to the damage type.
bool CTakeDamageInfo::BaseDamageIsValid() Checks if the base damage is valid.
string CTakeDamageInfo::GetAmmoName() Gets the ammo type name.
int CTakeDamageInfo::GetAmmoType() Gets the ammo type.
handle CTakeDamageInfo::GetAttacker() Gets the attacker.
float CTakeDamageInfo::GetBaseDamage() Gets the base damage.
float CTakeDamageInfo::GetDamage() Gets the damage.
int CTakeDamageInfo::GetDamageCustom() Gets the damage custom.
Vector CTakeDamageInfo::GetDamageForce() Gets the damage force.
Vector CTakeDamageInfo::GetDamagePosition() Gets the damage position.
int CTakeDamageInfo::GetDamageStats() Gets the damage stats.
int CTakeDamageInfo::GetDamageType() Gets the damage type.
int CTakeDamageInfo::GetDamagedOtherPlayers() Gets whether other players have been damaged.
handle CTakeDamageInfo::GetInflictor() Gets the inflictor.
float CTakeDamageInfo::GetMaxDamage() Gets the max damage.
Vector CTakeDamageInfo::GetReportedPosition() Gets the reported damage position.
handle CTakeDamageInfo::GetWeapon() Gets the weapon.
void CTakeDamageInfo::ScaleDamage(float) Scales the damage.
void CTakeDamageInfo::ScaleDamageForce(float) Scales the damage force.
void CTakeDamageInfo::SetAmmoType(int) Sets the ammo type.
void CTakeDamageInfo::SetAttacker(handle) Sets the attacker.
void CTakeDamageInfo::SetDamage(float) Sets the damage.
void CTakeDamageInfo::SetDamageCustom(int) Sets the damage custom.
void CTakeDamageInfo::SetDamageForce(Vector) Sets the damage force.
void CTakeDamageInfo::SetDamagePosition(Vector) Sets the damage position.
void CTakeDamageInfo::SetDamageStats(int) Sets the damage stats.
void CTakeDamageInfo::SetDamageType(int) Sets the damage type.
void CTakeDamageInfo::SetDamagedOtherPlayers(int) Sets whether other players have been damaged.
void CTakeDamageInfo::SetInflictor(handle) Sets the inflictor.
void CTakeDamageInfo::SetMaxDamage(float) Sets the max damage.
void CTakeDamageInfo::SetReportedPosition(Vector) Sets the reported damage position.
void CTakeDamageInfo::SetWeapon(handle) Sets the weapon.
void CTakeDamageInfo::SubtractDamage(float) Removes from the damage.

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