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Configuring Mounts

Mounting configuration is now done via <game>/cfg/mounts.kv instead of through the GameInfo.txt. This allows greater flexibility when configuring mounts, and is generally safer than directly editing your GameInfo.txt file.


The root of the mounts.kv should be a key called Mounts, which contains a list of AppID blocks, which specify dynamic search paths loaded via Steam.

Example of the format is below:

	"620" // AppID ("620" is Portal 2)
		"required" 	"0"
		"head"		"0"

		"portal2" // mod_folder, folder inside of the given AppID (Portal 2)'s folder. In this case, <portal 2 install>\portal2\
			"mountmoddir" "0"
			"vpk"	"pak01_dir" // mounts VPK: <Portal 2 install>\portal2\pak01_dir.vpk
			"dir"	"custom" // mounts folder: <Portal 2 install>\portal2\custom\

		"update" // mod_folder, <portal 2 install>\update\
			"vpk" "pak01_dir"

		"portal2_dlc2" // mod_folder, <portal 2 install>\portal2_dlc2\
			"vpk" "pak01_dir"

		"portal2_dlc1" // mod_folder, <portal 2 install>\portal2_dlc1\
			"vpk" "pak01_dir"

Mounts block

This is just an array of AppID blocks. Other data inside of it will be ignored.

AppID block

The AppID block specifies a Steam application to dynamically mount. The value of the name of the block is the particular AppID to mount. 620 is Portal 2, 220 HL2, and so on.

required property

This is an integer, 0 or 1, that specifies if this mount is required or not. If required and the mount fails to load, the game will report and error and exit.

head property

This is an integer, 0 or 1, that determines if the desired AppID mount should be added to the head of the mount list.

In other words, should this AppID’s mount be searched above all other folders?

mod_folder property

String representing the folder inside of the AppID’s install folder to mount. In the case of older games, this is typically just one: “cstrike”, or “hl2”.

For games like Portal 2, as seen in the example, this can be multiple. “portal2”, “portal2_dlc1”, “update” etc.

vpk property

This string value is a VPK file to mount inside of the given mod_folder.

It is ideal to mount each of the <filename>_dir.vpk (VPK directory) files here, rather than every single VPK file in the folder.

dir property

This string value is a subfolder inside of mod_folder that is mounted.

For older games such as TF2 and CS:S, you may want to mount the download or custom folders here alongside the VPKs.

mountmoddir property

This is an integer, 0 or 1, that determines if the mod_folder gets added as search path.

The default is 1 if omitted, which causes all maps/textures/sounds/etc. shipped as loose files with the mod to be mounted and appear in-game. It will only be considered for searches after the VPKs and subfolders specified in this block.

Setting it to 0 instead will still mount all contained vpk and dir blocks but not the mod_folder.

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